Meet our 4th Action Learning Cycle Group Members



Stakeholders and organisations within the AYSRHR must have a broader view and perspective of what youth participation is about. That is, understanding that youth participation is not only about engaging young people as partners or leaders but necessarily develops from a broad, foundational base, including providing relevant skills (capabilities) and opportunities to apply them (agency). When young people have the relevant skills and opportunities, they age up into professional roles within the AYSRHR ecosystem and not age out.

The 4th Action Learning Cycle members will reflect, discuss and learn how stakeholders within the AYSRHR field can deliver ongoing layered approaches that build young people’s personal, technical, and functional capabilities – and enable them to transition into professional opportunities. Read more about the action learning topic here

We asked our groups members about their motivation to join this learning cycle and this is what they had to say:

Urja Humagain
Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning Officer
Visible Impact

 “I look forward to engage in learning and sharing about the strategies, challenges, and examples of success from across different partners working on adolescent and youth SRHR. I wish to build networks with other young people and organizations working for this cause and get inspiration on innovative and fun approaches to engage with adolescents and young people in the community.

Pratigya Kayastha
Program Officer
Visible Impact

 “I’m excited to network with people with varied perspective, share context specific experiences for collective action learning to improve and expand the practice of youth partnership to advance AYSRHR. Looking forward to engaging with stakeholders and series of practical learning!”

Jude Thaddues Njikem
Regional Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Coordinator
Sonke Gender Justice

I wish to contribute to conversation one how young people can transition from youthful roles into other roles without getting lost in the sector.”

Senem Safci
Civil Society and Partnerships Specialist
Save the Children

I’d like to increase my knowledge and share best practices on youth transition, so that child/youth led groups in Kosovo are capacitated with relevant skills and continue to strive.

Christina Gordon
Gender Equality and Social Justice Advisor
Save the Children

I’d like to connect with and learn from colleagues who are passionate about transforming development work to better support and empower young people in their full diversity to fulfill their rights, make informed decisions about their lives, and become impactful leaders in their communities.

Richa Sinha
People Assistant Coordinator
Restless Development

I look forward to developing creative solutions in tackling complex problems of colleages, and staff. The cycle will be a place where I can formulate a new, more effective solution to the problem and put that solution into action through new shared ideas and experience. I will also develop my skill in team building within an organization through team work and collective decision. It will be the place where we can discuss diffeent organisational issues in Capacity building of the staff.

Angelin Jenifer
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
Restless Development

I am excited to be part of a process where I will get to engage, discuss and share with likeminded individuals. I am looking forward to learn different approaches used by other organisations for similar kind of issues. I believe this group will enhance my understanding of various issues around AYSRHR and find solutions for them.

Kwasi Adu Manu
Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist
Planned Parenthood Ghana

I wish to share contextual experiences, and also to learn from a vibrant community of changemakers who are seeking to transform the quality of life of young people. Also, I hope to learn extensively about human-centered design, and consequently apply it in the development of innovative solutions that will respond to the needs of young people.”

Nyasha Phanisa Sithole
Programme Officer
MenEngage Alliance

I’d like to connect, link and learn with fellow stakeholders in the AYSRHR movement who are passionate about transformational youth leadership and capacity strengthening for young people into young professionals.

Ange Marie Yvette Nyiransabimana
Reference Group Member
MenEngage Alliance

I look forward to learn from different young professionals in the ALC on their best practices in the AYSRHR work being done globally; contribute to building capacity of ALC members on men and boys’ engagement in the work of achieving AYSRHR. Specifically, I want to learn from peers on how best to engage with religious leaders/believers in our daily gender equality work.

Alain Darel Bagula
Executive Director
MenEngage Alliance

Change starts with you, be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Jane Wanja Shirima
Junior Researcher
African Population and Health Research Center

I’d like to collaborate with like-minded individuals who are dedicated to advancing the AYSRHR field. I hope to learn from the experiences of other stakeholders, share my own insights, and align our efforts to build transformational change. I believe that this platform will provide a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, and to develop innovative solutions that can improve outcomes for youth. Through this group, I aspire to deepen my knowledge and skills in capacity development and contribute to the empowerment of young people

Mercy Kadzo Mwadhi
Junior Reseacher
African Population and Health Research Center

I’d like to advance my knowledge in Adolescent and Youth Sexual Reproductive Healthand Rights in order to make a change by coming
up with interventions to better the experiences of adolescents and youths.

Laura Leeson
Director of Evaluation and Strategic Development
Projet Jeune Leader

I look forward to integrate new learnings and progresses toward genuinely partnering with youth in the implementation of our comprehensive sexuality education program in Madagascar.

Mihaja Raonivololona
Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Projet Jeune Leader

I wish to learn and gain inspiration from a diverse community of organisations and practitioners on how our organization can best support our hundreds of youth leaders to “age up and not out” in Madagascar.

Evelyn Odhiambo
Youth and Communications Officer
Nyanam International

Young people have a crucial role in ensuring inclusion, gender equality, social justice and improved livelihoods. Additionally, we play a vital role as capacity- builders in these areas. My expectation from joining the Action Learning group is to share my experience, gain more insights, and lessons on how as an organization we can better build, empower, motive and transition young people/leaders for positive social transformation.