Young people have the right to be involved in the decisions that affect their lives.

The YIELD Hub improves young people’s partnership* in Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) by facilitating action learning processes and influencing norm change. 

*Partnership is equitable, mutually respectful and beneficial relationships between all actors, including young people.


We use action learning, a problem-solving method used to generate innovative solutions to complex problems, to develop new and creative ways for adolescents and youth to get involved in Adolescent and Youth SRHR. We convene and engage Adolescent and Youth SRHR stakeholders to reflect and change practices in ways that support partnership with adolescents and youth in SRHR work.


OUR Origin story

The YIELD Hub is built on five years of research and broad stakeholder engagement on the issue of adolescent and youth partnership in SRHR. The Youth Investment, Engagement, Leadership and Development (YIELD) Project (2017-2021) was part of a research effort that brought together the collective global evidence and wisdom of youth advocates, young leaders, non-youth practitioners and implementers, as well as researchers and funders.

One of the central research findings documented in the YIELD Project research report, Young People Advancing Sexual and Reproductive Health: Toward a New Normal was how, despite the multi-level benefits, youth partnership as a normative way of working in SRHR has been held back over time by a lack of opportunity for cross-stakeholder sharing, learning and coordinated action.  As a result, the YIELD Hub was established to allow diverse stakeholders to strategically engage on topics that can challenge existing barriers.


Theory of Change

The YIELD Hub’s Theory of Change is a response to a field-wide call for common definitions of success and ways to track the implementation of quality youth partnership in Adolescent and Youth SRHR.

YIELD Hub Strategy

The YIELD Hub 3-year strategy builds on the concept of the YIELD Hub and the evidence from the YIELD Project.

Collective Action Learning Groups

Our collective action learning groups convene diverse stakeholders to standardize and improve youth partnership in Adolescent and Youth SRHR.

our team

David Imbago-Jácome
Richard Dzikunu
Action Learning Groups Lead
Somila Mjekula
Content Creator and Communications Coordinator
Dina Chaerani
Yemurai Nyoni
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
Beatrice Okech
Content and Communications Advisor


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