The Youth Partnership Podcast

Introducing the YIELD Hub’s #YouthPartnership podcast, a medium for diverse voices within the AYSRHR ecosystem who are improving Youth Partnership. This podcast explores timely stakeholder-defined priorities and shares innovative solutions to complex problems in youth partnerships within sexual and reproductive health rights. Join us for an inside look at the action learning process, featuring conversations on emerging issues and opportunities to contribute to field-wide norm change.

Season 1

EP 01: Amplifying Youth Partnership to end Violence against Women and Girls.

For our first-ever episode, we’re starting off with a recap of a Twitter Spaces discussion we had in late 2022, in commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism. In this session, we delved into how amplifying youth partnership can contribute towards the fight to end violence against women and girls.

EP 02: Creating Spaces to Acknowledge Failures & Share Lessons within the AYSRHR Field.

In this episode, we feature partners who participated in our inaugural action learning group to share key learnings and experiences from our first action learning cycle which dissected the gender discrimination and exclusion too often experienced by young women and gender-diverse youth leaders in the AYSRHR ecosystem.

EP 03: Youth Partnership From Our Lens: Celebrating Milestones.

In celebration of International Youth Day 2023, we published a special episode of our #YouthPartnership podcast with an aim to foster discussions about youth partnerships and their significance in shaping the world’s future. This episode highlights the achievements and personal experiences of young individuals who have had significant experience working in the adolescent and youth SRHR field.

EP 04: Aging Up vs. Aging Out – Strategies for Youth Capacity Development in AYSRHR.

We delve into the unique challenges and pivotal questions surrounding the involvement of young people in AYSRHR. It’s a critical look at how age can sometimes limit engagement and the essential steps organizations need to take to ensure that youth leaders aren’t just involved but are also equipped to advance professionally.

EP 05: Meaningful Youth Participation in Research – Young People as Thought Leaders in #AYSRHR

In this episode of the Youth Partnership podcast, the YIELD Hub alongside Rutgers delves into the diverse range of topics within SRHR research, exploring the unique challenges young researchers face and the incredible solutions proposed by two young researchers from the Netherlands and Indonesia.

We’ve compiled below some of the resources mentioned during this podcast episode for your reading. Dive in!

Season 2

Season 2 is designed as a compact podcast series that carries the energy, values, concerns and aspirations of youth in the AYSRHR domain. By leveraging storytelling through interviews, curated insights from our cycles, reflections from our team and follower interactions from social media, this season aims to inform, inspire, provoke, and involve its broad audience.

Behind the Scenes, Key Events & New Resources

In this premiere episode, we take you behind the scenes at the YIELD Hub to meet our incredible team and explore what drives our mission. Our Director shares insights from key events; our Associate reflects on recent Instagram collaborations; and our Action Learning Lead introduces the new Action Learning Cycle topics and explains their significance in the AYSRHR field. Plus, we unveil new resources to support your advocacy work.