Call for Applications: Action Learning Cycles 6-8



I found the support from the YIELD Hub [Action Learning Group] to be very important. It gave us a platform to voice our thoughts and ideas, which we had never approached management about before. When we finally did, we realised that our ideas were feasible. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to use our voices and advocate for other young researchers. It has been an amazing experience[…] I am thankful for the unwavering support of the YIELD team.

Action learning cycle 4 member
We use action learning to develop new and creative ways for adolescents and youth to get involved in SRHR. Action learning processes can help develop leaders, build teams, solve problems and transform institutions and processes.
The video below describes our Collective Action Learning Cycles and how the model works.

This year, we are running 3 concurrent Action Learning Cycles covering the below topics;

Click on the image of each topic for a brief overview of the themes and issues concerned.

Still not sure what to expect? We bring you a conversation between Dina and David who discuss burning questions regarding our Collective Action Learning Groups. The answers to these questions can also be found at the bottom of our Collective Action Learning page here.

We have also put together the following documents to help you better understand our model and processes. We implore you to explore these and understand the commitment required before you start your application;

We invite funders, researchers, implementers, INGOs, and youth-led organisations to apply to join our action learning groups.
Application deadline: 25 March 2024