Meet Action Learning Cycle 6 Members



Youth-led organisations face barriers in accessing sustainable funding globally and nationally. Limited resources hinder innovation and expansion of successful initiatives, especially in the Global South. Key barriers include inadequate global funding, tokenistic practices, strict eligibility criteria, and lack of domestic support. The YIELD Hub aims to improve youth partnerships in Adolescent and Youth SRHR by facilitating collective action learning cycles to address funding challenges.

The 6th Action Learning Cycle members will reflect, discuss and collaborate with other stakeholders in the field to design
practical solutions for addressing institutional and field-wide challenges to secure sustainable financing for youth-led and youth-serving organisations. Read more about the action learning topic here

We asked our groups members about their motivation to join this learning cycle and this is what they had to say:

Viateur Muragijerurema,
Executive Director
Kigali Hope Organization

I wish to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations, share best practices, and collectively brainstorm innovative solutions to address the pressing challenges faced by our community. I am eager to learn from the diverse perspectives within the group and leverage this collective wisdom to drive positive change and maximize the impact of our efforts.”

Edward Sakwa
Public Relations Officer
Stretchers Youth Organization

 “I’m honored to be part of Cycle 6’s Action Learning Group on Sustainable Financing for Youth-led Organisations. My expectation is to cultivate a rich ecosystem of mutual learning and support where each participant becomes both teacher and student. Through open dialogue, shared insights, and collaborative problem-solving, we will unlock new perspectives, strategies, and solutions. I am not just dreaming of change, I am making it happen.”

Lynn Ngoma
Sustainable Jamii Association

I entail to find a sense of belonging, personal growth and community impact. I anticipate a supportive environment where I can develop skills, forge meaningful connections, and explore my passions. I would also anticipate collaborations, mentorship, and effective learning.

David Ngure
Sustainable Jamii Association

I hope to get skill development and social connections. I expect learning and leadership opportunities that provide a supportive environment to explore interests, build connections, and contribute to positive change, enriching my  journey towards success.

Shannon Thom
Member and Facilitator
Young Experts: Tech for Health (YET4H)

 “I hope I’ll be able to benefit from accelerated learning and problem-solving through exposure to diverse stakeholders with varied experiences.

Achie Chihungu
Volunteer member
Young Women in Action

I want to learn how I can contribute to the advancement of Adolescent and youth sexual reproductive health rights (AYSRHR) movement and ensure its long term impart. To enhance my leadership skills that will impact my country now and in the next new generation to come. To enhance my knowledge finances. To improve my advocacy skills in SRHR that will impart my country significantly.

Bwalya Mukuka
Senior Programme Officer
Young Women in Action

I wish to learn relevant information for my current role and responsibilities, for the training content to be engaging and collaborative for strong networks to be built and for the trainer to share notes after the sessions. I also expect to have better understanding of how to access funding from organizations that support youth work.

Francis Oko Armah
Co-Founder & Executive Director

I’d like to understand what sustainable financing means for Youth-Led Organization today and learn effective strategies to work with other YLOs and partners to finance the work of YLOs in a sustainable way to continue the work of addressing AYSRHR and other important youth issues.

Abiba Abdallah
Co-Founder & Deputy Executve Director

I wish to experience new environment of sharing ideas, co-creating solutions and learning more about others in the space and most importantly having an in-depth knowledge of what sustainable funding will look like when we trust donors to trust young people to lead change!

Sumesh Khadgi
General Member and FAO

“I am new to advocacy and the SRHR movement, so I’m interested in the
YIELD Hub’s collective action learning programme, due to its
potential to increase youth participation in AYSRHR and promoting
cross-stakeholders collaboration towards shared objective. The
organised approach of action learning cycle really looks promising
and I am excited to be a part of this program. I’m eager to enhance
my knowledge base and participate in new learning opportunities
by interacting with like-minded stakeholders. After the completion
of this program I aspire to apply these insights at the institutional
level within my profession, project design and organisation

Aastha Subedi
Acting President/Vice President

I look forward to connect with like-minded individuals, learn best practices for securing sustainable funding for youth-led, youth-run organizations like ours, and collectively navigate challenges to design and implement innovative solutions. I also look forward to networking and collaborating to drive advocacy efforts for youth-friendly, sustainable funding..