Meet Action Learning Cycle 7 Members



Compensating young people for their work in youth-focused interventions is crucial for sustaining their efforts and investing in their leadership. The lack of compensation creates inequality, with youth from privileged backgrounds dominating leadership roles. Compared to paid positions, unpaid youth volunteers face disadvantages, stress, and burnout. In this cycle, YIELD Hub emphasises compensating youth for their contributions and aims to explore fair compensation processes within the AYSRHR field.

The 7th Action Learning Cycle members will reflect, discuss and learn how stakeholders within the AYSRHR field can compensate youth for their time and efforts, as well as what process and form such compensation should take. The cycle will also explore how to influence other organisations to compensate youth fairly and share collective learning on how to practically implement recommendations around adequately compensating young people. Read more about the action learning topic here

We asked our groups members about their motivation to join this learning cycle and this is what they had to say:

Yusra Price
Junior Research fellow
Adolescent Accelerators Research Hub

 “I look forward to participate in a process carefully designed towards collaborative effort. Ensuring fair and reciprocal collaboration with young people in the context of research is difficult and faces many institutional limitations. I hope that by sharing this process with a group of people who are passionate about their respective fields and work regularly with young people, I will learn to do things differently. I will approach this cycle with flexible curiosity and hope to emerge with ideas and practices that can improve my work with young people

Hlokoma Mangqalaza
Postdoctoral Research fellow
Adolescent Accelerators Research Hub

 “I wish to meet new people working in the adolescent empowerment research and advocacy space. I am also interested in learning and creating meaningful ways of engagement with and compensation methods for adolescents and young people in participatory in research.”

Mikena Hoxha
Project Coordinator

I anticipate gaining comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in effectively compensating youth work. I look forward to delving into topics such as understanding the value and impact of youth work, exploring diverse compensation models tailored to youth programs, and learning strategies for budgeting and fundraising to sustainably support youth initiatives. Additionally, I expect to engage in discussions on ethical considerations and best practices in compensating youth workers, ensuring fairness, equity, and accountability. Through interactive sessions and case studies, I hope to acquire practical tools and resources for implementing equitable compensation structures that recognize the invaluable contributions of youth workers while fostering their professional development and well-being.

Stela Kapo
Youth Coordinator

Young people are the future of a country. Working with them is both a responsibility and a privilege. I am very enthusiastic that through Active Learning Groups, I will have the opportunity to communicate with colleagues from different parts of the world and further develop new ways of approaching and rewarding young people through the exchange of experiences and efficient practices.

Bibian Chibelushi
Programme Coordinator
Copper Rose Zambia

 “I would like to learn more about meaningful compensation of the efforts of young people and how best young people can be motivated to continue making their contribution in the SRHR space. I am excited to adopt what I will learn from being part of the action learning group into the works I do at CRZ in order to deliver better results on our projects..”

Kuhika Seth
Gender Specialist
Independent Researcher

I want to be able to mutually learn and go on a reflective journey alongwith people from across the globe on AYSRHR using a unique methodology such as ‘Action Learning’. I also want to be able to use action learning and introduce others to it as well. 

Shailza Rai
Education and Gender
Independent Researcher

I believe community action groups are most effective when they have a shared practice. I have joined the group to share my learnings from having worked with the youth for the last 10 years and to engage and learn new methods. I wish to collaborate and explore a common method and goal that is effective for adolescents and youth.

Leticia Namanya
Talent and Youth Development Officer
Reach A Hand Uganda

I look forward to getting exposed to innovative solutions, tackling challenges and making a positive impact. Its a great opportunity for me for personal growth. By participating, I will meet like-minded people with whom we share the same vision, and it’s a chance for me to learn, exchange ideas, and gain insights from different perspectives.”

Anyanzire Allan Bagheni
Programs Officer of Community Engagement
Reach A Hand Uganda

I wish to expand my professional network with the action learning participants as I reflect more and learn from them. I plan to extract more lessons and apply them to different future endeavors that foster a culture of continuous improvement in using result oriented approaches to solve and implement solution based programs.

Kathy Hall
Program Director
The Summit Foundation

This Action Learning Group will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from colleagues in the AYSRHR sector operating in many different contexts. I look forward to experiencing the action learning methodology and most importantly to developing actionable insights and recommendations for our sector on the critical topic of Compensating Youth Work.

Erika Quinteros
Program Assistant
The Summit Foundation

I look forward to collaborate on devising practical solutions related to compensation for youth work. I’m enthusiastic about learning from such a diverse group of people. Can’t wait to start this journey!

Bergen Cooper
Chief Operating Officer
The Torchlight Collective

Youth should receive fair and equitable compensation for the tremendous work they contribute to the human rights sector. I am excited to engage with individuals from around the world as we learn from each other and push ourselves to expand our capacity for compensating youth work. I look forward to my personal growth, our collective progress as a group, and the knowledge we will gain to positively impact our sector and ensure that young people receive fair pay.

Durga Sapkota

I look forward to learn pragmatic tools and strategies to engage youth in movement building around AYSRHR compensating their work beyond monetary terms and keep them motivated.”

Pushpa Joshi

I wish to work collaboratively with fellow members to develop innovative strategies for fairly compensating youth for their invaluable time and efforts within the Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (AYSRHR) field. Through this platform, I envision collectively curating a diverse array of accessible tools and resources tailored to aid organizations in effectively engaging with young people. By doing so, we can significantly foster a more inclusive and supportive environment within the AYSRHR sector and beyond.