Meet Action Learning Cycle 8 Members



Youth experiences are diverse and influenced by various factors like gender, class, ethnicity, etc. Young people in AYSRHR face limitations due to age, needing support to transition into professional roles. Stakeholders must provide skills, opportunities, and supportive environments for youth to grow professionally. Our research indicates that young people seek to transition into professional roles beyond being seen solely as youth experts. This cycle is a collective effort to explore how AYSRHR stakeholders can support youth in transitioning into leadership roles effectively.

The 8th Action Learning Cycle members will reflect, discuss and learn how stakeholders within the AYSRHR field can deliver ongoing layered approaches that build young people’s personal, technical, and functional capabilities – and enable them to transition into professional opportunities. The group will understand, from other organisations’ experiences, how to better support young people to take up leadership roles. Read more about the action learning topic here

We asked our groups members about their motivation to join this learning cycle and this is what they had to say:

Blessed Bukhosi Gumbi
Support Manager
Grassroot Soccer Inc.

 “I look forward to the ACTIONING of innovative and strategic ideas to
enhance the SRHR and mental well-being of the young people I work with at Grassroot Soccer and beyond.

Kunda Mwitwa
Partnership Programme Coordinator and Youth Advisory Co-Chair
Grassroot Soccer Inc.

 “I want to learn and share best practices. I also look forward to building skills that create impact and promote collaborative opportunities that enhance adolescent health and mental well-being.

Maureen Chepkoech
Project Coordinator

I look forward to engaging in reflective discussions and collaborative learning with fellow colleagues in AYSRHR. I anticipate delving into strategies for fostering supportive environments that empower young people and facilitate their transition. I look forward to gaining insights from diverse experiences, learning practical approaches for operationalizing youth leadership, and contributing to the collective effort of advancing AYSRHR initiatives and together we will forge a path towards a brighter future, where young voices shape meaningful change.”

Elfrida Tembo
Co-Executive Director
Green Girls Platform

Through my participation in the YIELD Hub Action Learning, I look forward to a rich exchange of insights and experiences with fellow young people. My expectation is to gain fresh perspectives, deepen my understanding, and contribute meaningfully to the collective effort of driving transformative change in the AYSRHR spaces.

Jessica Work
Youth Networker

 “It is an exciting journey to contribute to fostering capacity building and sustainability for youths in SRHR. I am from the Pacific where 18% of the population consists of young people, therefore, I am keen on embarking in vibrant discussions where diverse perspectives converge to further this goal. I aim to apply newfound approaches back home, nurturing young people to thrive and lead in communities. Through this, intergenerational learning can be strengthened ensuring that age does not extinguish potential but fuels transformational journey. A journey that will drive change that resonates across generations.

Magdalena Nadya
Youth Networker

I look forward to develop my knowledge and to take part in the struggle for the AYSRHR

Meghan Greeley
Senior Technical Advisor

I want to be able to learn and apply new ideas to further Jhpiego’s work to support youth leaders.

Shani Turke
Family Planning Technical Advisor

I look forward to learn with and from young people about practical approaches to meaningfully transition decisioning-making power and resources to youth-led organizations.

Francisco Laguerre
Observatory on Health and Climate (OSCH)

The cycle is allowing me to deepen knowledge and contribute further to improving the health and well-being of young people.

Marie Esther Jean
Observatory on Health and Climate (OSCH)

I’d like to deepen my understanding of issues related to youth transition, particularly regarding gender equity and sexual and reproductive health. Additionally, I seek to enhance my abilities through specialized training sessions and capitalize on the beneficial networking and mentoring opportunities provided. I’m actively engaged in professional collaborations, leveraging my expertise to advance advocacy campaigns within youth development initiatives, and committed to implementing evidence-based tactics tailored to my areas of interest.”

Lauren Jacobson
Director and Co-founder
RAISE Global Health

I look forward to expand my leadership and organizational change management skills to be more youth inclusive and focused. As a clinician, I hope to learn new and innovative strategies to empower my youth and adolescent SRHR patients to self-manage their abortions and SRH with confidence.

Rupankar Dey
Community Building, Engagement, and Outreach Officer
RAISE Global Health

I wish to cultivate a meaningful network within our sector, drawing from others’ experiences to enrich our own learning. By actively participating, my aim is to implement these insights into both RAISE initiatives and my personal endeavors. This collaborative approach fosters growth, facilitates knowledge exchange, and empowers us to make impacful contributions within our field.

Ekanem Itoro Effiong

I expect to gain knowledge about adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH) issues, Develop skills in SRH education, advocacy, and community engagement, Learn about best practices and evidence-based approaches in SRH, and work with peers, mentors, and experts in the field of adolescent health.

Bipana Dhakal
Capacity Building Co-Lead

I look forward to collaborate and experiment together with the fellow participants as well as carve a path for implementing the gained insights in The PACT’s initiatives.

Peter Fongeh
Executive Director
Vision in Action Cameroon

I’d like to build a platform where young people can leverage their fears and gain skills with adequate support from community activists and mentorship.