Case Study: Advancing Gender Equity and Intersectionality through Collective Action Learning

In 2022, the YIELD Hub initiated a Collective Action Learning Cycle to drive forward the agenda of youth partnership, particularly focusing on addressing systemic gender inequities. This study presents the experiences and outcomes of five organisations: ATHENA Network, Restless Development, MenEngage Alliance, CAMY Fund and EngenderHealth. Each organisation embarked on this learning journey with unique goals, and their collective stories offer valuable insights for any institution committed to SRHR and gender inclusivity.

We invite you to explore the promising practices, lessons learned, and real-world impact that stem from collective action learning. By engaging with the findings and reflections captured in this case study, we hope you will find actionable insights that can support your organisation’s own development journey. The aim is to cultivate inclusive organisations whilst recognising the challenge and opportunity to make youth partnership the norm in the SRHR field.