Theory Of Change

The YIELD Hub Theory of Change was developed in 2019 in response to a field-wide call for common definitions of success and ways to track the implementation of quality youth partnership in adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health (AYSRHR).
In 2023 the YIELD Hub undertook a review of its theory of change (ToC) and indicators to respond to developments in the youth partnership and AYSRHR field. A series of interviews were held with partners across our various action learning cycles to create a revised ToC.

Click on image to view and download the fully detailed version of the Theory of Change for Youth Partnership in AYSRHR

Executive Summary

The renamed and revised Theory of Change for Youth Partnership in AYSRHR now includes a list of barriers and drivers of success (see detailed version). The outcomes in the ToC are mapped across a timeline, with short-term, medium-term, and long-term outcomes. Updates have also been made to the inputs and outcomes, with stronger references to addressing gender norms, ensuring disaggregation of data, and responding to other identified barriers.

We’ve captured the review process along with the findings, inputs, and recommendations from relevant partners in an executive summary. The ToC for Youth Partnership in SRHR is a work in progress and will undergo further refinement in 2024 in close collaboration with action learning cycle partners, experts in ToC development and seasoned evaluators in the field of youth partnership in AYSRHR.

Working Group Application

We’re seeking participants for a ToC Working Group to help us refine and finalise this work over a period of 6-9 months. Interested? Send us your CV and a 1-page expression of interest highlighting the following:

  • The skills and experience that you will bring to the ToC Working Group
  • Why you support youth partnership and the work of the YIELD Hub;
  • Your knowledge of the development of theories of change in youth partnership;
  • Any relevant professional or personal experience that you’d like to add;
  • Confirmation that you can meet the responsibilities outlined in the Terms of Reference (click below).